Call For Papers

Planning, Law, and Property Rights

Fifth International Conference
Faculty of Law • University of Alberta
May 25–28, 2011

The conference sessions will provide an exciting opportunity for scholars from around the world to present innovative research and engage in interdisciplinary exchange related to the theme of the Association – the study of the connections, in the broadest sense, between Planning and Law.

Both Law and Planning are social institutions aimed at promoting the public interest while safeguarding individual liberties. Both guide private decision making, but derive strength and authority from citizen participation. The challenges facing policy makers today emphasize the need to study the ways in which the law enables and restricts planning.

Papers will be presented on all topics related to law and planning, including all legal aspects of urban, regional, and rural planning; land use regulation; property rights, expropriation and compensation; housing; and public-private cooperation. A PhD students' roundtable is also scheduled!

Thank you for attending PLPR! See you next February at PLPR2012

Local organizing committee: Eran Kaplinsky & Russell Brown

Academic organizing committee: Leonie Janssen-Jansen, Ben Davy, Richard Norton, Thomas Hartmann, Eran Kaplinsky, Rachelle Alterman

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